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Winning the 4D in Singapore requires a bit more thought and skill than winning other lotteries, such as the Toto. The Toto is a bit easier, but the 4D will usually have bigger winnings. Some people are a bit hesitant to play the 4D because it seems more complicated, but everyone can follow these tips to make sure that they have a chance at hitting it big when they play the 4D.


Brush up on math skills

Some lotteries require a bit of math, but usually it's not too much. For example, to see more favorable results, players are encouraged to brush up on their math skills. This can help them learn the skills necessary to compete with other players.

Pay attention to probability

Along with studying math, it helps to be a bit familiar with probability, and what that means. This will tell players their chance of winning when they place a certain number. For example, there are certain patterns. If a person uses all even numbers they have a lower chance of winning, or, there is a lower probability of them winning.

Don't guess

Guessing random numbers is a sure fire way to lose money. This type of gambling relies on statistics and mathematics. Instead of guessing random four digit numbers, players are encouraged to take the time to truly study the way that the game is played, and to make sure that they keep in mind the latest tips by experienced players. This helps increase their chances of being happier with the result.

Listen to winners

A person would not take advice about painting a house from a person that has never painted a house before, so it's always a better idea to take advice from a person that has already hit it big. If a player has a choice between taking advice from a random person or a person that has already won, the solution is obvious. Take advice from a person that has already been ecstatic with the 4D result.


Not every person that has won this lotter has a blog up and going. If it's not possible to take advice from a winner, the next best thing is someone with experience. For example, a person with a website or blog that specializes in the area has more than likely already studied a result or two, and is aware of mathematical equations that can help other people hit big.

Get an app

Playing the lottery can be an exciting thing. Instead of waiting to see the result, most beginners are so eager that they want to know as soon as the rest of the country does. If this sounds like it may happen, it's always a good idea to just download an app. There are quite a few different apps available that can tell players the result as soon as it happens. This is often referred to as a live result, and there is an app for every type of device.

Playing this form of lottery may sound a bit complicated, but once players get the hang of things, they will enjoy the rush that playing this can give, and they will soon find themselves scouring the internet in hopes of finding more and more tips to win it big.

It all starts with one blog, and one tip. After that, most players find that playing the 4D is simpler than it seems. They discover that learning the latest tips and increasing their odds of winning is a fun thing, and one of the most popular hobbies in Singapore. There are several websites that specialize in just this type of lottery for beginners.

Since the beginning of time, men have been racking their brains trying to figure out a way to attract women. From stylish haircuts, to the latest fashions, to the Italian sports car, to the latest potion that promise love at first sight, or is that love at first smell...? Anyway, men have been driven since the inception of the human race to figure out some magical way to attract women.

And the sexual marketers know this, that's why there has been all manner and make of sexual attractiveness products over the years... All promising to give the unlucky man the luckiest luck of all, and that is the ability to attract any woman he wants. Well, you don't have to Follow the Sexual Brick Road or visit a gypsied witch to get the latest "Love Potion Number Sixty-Nine" to have endless luck with the ladies. Honestly, you don't. In fact it's a matter of Occam's Razor, really, if you really want to get that magical elixir that will turn you into the "Sex Bomb" of the century. And, really, it's simpler than you realize, hence, the Occam's Razor bit.

Forget the "digital" age, ignore modern "miracles" of science, and get ready to stick your nose up at the latest pharmaceutical pills that are destined to sexually rock your world. Instead, sit back, relax, put on Dark Side of the Moon and sync it up with Leo's roar, and listen to what Mother Nature has to say.

Yes, Mother Nature, you know, that omnipresent evasive old lass who keeps your heart magically beating, who replaces and builds hundreds of billions of cells in your body, endlessly. The entity who is open for more hours than a 7-11, every day, every night, come rain or shine, and who never even takes a cigarette break in order to keep you going... The one who ensures that the bacteria that are, right now, living in your mouth, won't kill you. That's right. Brace yourself for the truth, as there are enough potentially deadly bacteria in your mouth, right now -- regardless if you have halitosis or not -- to make you tomorrow's lunch meat faster than you can say "it was Owen Coffin who drew the shortest straw." But, Mother Nature is looking after you, the luckiest of luckies, and you can consider Her your very own personal, punctual, and pompatus Guardian Angel, so to speak. And She's the reason why those nasty little buggers in your mouth don't send you to your grave sooner than later. And that's because She's pulling the levers, She's the one behind the curtain that Toto's trying desperately to reveal, and She's the one who looks after you, day-after-day and night-after night... She's working those levers, fast and furiously, right at this very moment, to ensure that, through your immune system, She eradicates those little critters and keeps them in check -- just for you. You see, She ensures that you are still healthy, wealthy, wise, and sexually active.

So, suffice it to quote, "When she speaks, you are well-advised to listen."

Fact: A scientific study was conducted in Spain regarding sexual attractiveness perceived in men. A group of clothed men were shown to a group of women. The women knew nothing about the men. They did not talk to them. The only thing they knew about the men was what they saw, with their own eyes.

The men were paraded off to the lab while the women were asked to write down, as a list, the men who were the most attractive to the least attractive.

The results were tallied while the scientists presented a cup, a copy of Playboy, and some "quiet" time to the men. After all of the men had contributed their scientific "data," those results were also examined and tallied...

The results? The men with the highest quality and quantity of sperm were determined to be THE most sexually attractive to the women.

Come again?

The men who had the largest number of sperm which were active and healthy were deemed to be the most attractive to the women who had viewed them. Remember, they didn't meet them, touch them, talk to them, and had had no contact with them previously.

You see, you don't need some magical elixir to attract women. You just have to listen to Mother Nature and let Her guide you. Women, for some reason that is seemingly quite puzzling and baffling, are able to "sense" something about men that seems impossible. And that is that women possess some innate ability that allows them to determine how "good" or "bad" a man will be able to father children... Just like some kind of magic spell.

So, now that you know the secret, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to still seek out The Wizard and see what he can do to help you out in your sexual time of need?

Of course not, as we know that Mother Nature is really The Wizard. For we now realize that we have within us what we thought we originally lacked or needed. Some of us just need a jump-start to help us out a little... The way to do that is to eat lots of raw nuts. Nuts are high in zinc, which "does a sperm good." Drink lots of water. Wear loose-fitting underwear and pants. Lay off the cigarettes and booze, click your heels, and voila!, you'll be whistling, "Kansas City Here I Come," before you know it.

Georg von Neumann